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Tracking devices

Every vehicle participating in the drive must have a tracking device installed. With this tracking device, the safety team has an overview of the entire drive and can see you on the track.


  • 1 m (or more) of electric wire (Ground and Power)
  • 6.3 x 0.8 insulated FEMALE connectors / terminals
  • 5A fuse, installed on the Power wire
  • Zip Ties (good quality)

Make sure to have some Zip Ties with you and have some extra in case you need to repair those after a few days of riding or after your bike falls or similar.

In case of any problems or accidents, the Safety team uses the tracking device to locate you and comes to the rescue.

This is what the tracking device looks like:


On the device, 2 x MALE connectors (power and ground) are already installed.

Riders / drivers must prepare the wires and female connectors to connect the tracker to the battery according to this scheme:


MOTORCYCLES – it is recommended that the cable with female connectors (+ / -) be routed to the rear side of the seat, as such installation on motorcycles has proven to be the best and simplest.

QUAD and SSV – it is recommended to route the cable to the handlebars.

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