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Welcome to Untamed – where freedom is not a luxury but a way of life, where the wild spirit rediscovers its path in the modern world.


Untamed is more than just a project; it’s a vibrant idea that drives various individuals and legal entities. We led by the aim of preserving the wild essence that is fading in a world of dazzle and empty pleasures.


In today’s world of dazzling comforts, Untamed reminds us that we must retain our autonomy, remain untamed, and maintain contact with nature – with the wilderness within us and around us. In our hearts and in the world, wilderness, freedom, and unburdenedness become rare gems, and Untamed believes that we are duty-bound to fight for their protection.


Untamed is born in the world of offroad sports such as motorcycling, ATV riding, and 4×4 adventures. Motor vehicles represent modern “conveniences” that open up incredible possibilities but simultaneously limit us with comfort and escape from everyday efforts. We understand the importance of responsible use of motor vehicles, with minimal negative consequences and environmental preservation.


Untamed is not just an opponent of the ban on motor vehicles; we are advocates of balance. Our goal is to establish order, promote responsible use, and show that damage can be minimal. We are a voice of reason against thoughtless groups that would, ignoring real reasons, completely ban motor vehicles, not realizing that this would take away the opportunity for progress in protecting and preserving the wilderness.


Untamed fights for legitimacy. All our projects are in accordance with the law, but that does not mean we agree with everything. Nevertheless, we respect institutions and fight for changes that will benefit everyone.


Untamed is not just an idea of preserving the wilderness; it’s a call to evolution. Untamedness and wilderness need to evolve, take on new forms, and remain authentic in the modern context. Join us in the fight to stay untamed in a constantly changing world.

Remain Untamed!


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