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Every Rally Raid in the world, including Zagreb Rally, is a dangerous activity! Rally tracks (Zagreb Rally is over 200 kilometers) pass through various off-road terrains (forests, gravel roads, fields) as well as inhabited areas (villages, towns, public roads). On rally routes, including Zagreb Rally, unpredictable and unexpected surprises are possible; however, the task of a good rally organizer is to alert drivers and thus protect them from foreseeable and known dangers.

The most important “tool” we use to manage rally race safety is the ROADBOOK!

The Roadbook is the rally Bible, containing all the important navigation and orientation information for drivers, as well as various warnings for the dangers that await them on the route. Some typical warnings include: sharp turns, slippery terrain, difficult terrain, obstacles on the road, narrow passages, as well as speed limit warnings (which must be strictly adhered to, at the risk of being excluded from the event/race).

The Roadbook is the essential navigation tool for every rally, including Zagreb Rally, and here are our recommendations regarding the navigation equipment you need to have to ensure your experience and safety at Zagreb Rally are at a satisfactory level:

Level 1


  • Android Phone/ Tablet
  • RallyMoto app*
  • Phone holder / mount


For beginners who want to try RB navigation, navigating by scrolling on a mobile phone screen is not practical for longer drives

Where to buy

On your own

Level 2


  • Android Phone / Tablet
  • RallyMoto app*
  • Phone holder / mount
  • Phone / Tablet Connected to the motorcycle’s power supply or an external battery.
  • Bluetooth multimedia buttons mounted on the vehicle’s steering wheel.


For beginners who want to try RB navigation and complete the entire track. Navigation is done via Bluetooth buttons connected to a mobile phone/tablet.

Where to buy

We have several buttons available for borrowing. Please contact us at if you’d like to use this combination at Zagreb Rally.

Level 3


Adventure Rally Navigation Bundle:

  • Android Phone / Tablet
  • CI Pad v4b (Android 11)
  • Lightweight Holder
  • Power source 12-5V/3A
  • Rallyable Multiswitch
  • Bluetooth extension cable
  • Mounting Bracket



For those who occasionally participate in rallies and other rides using Roadbooks (Rally Training, Rally Raid, etc.), and also wish to use navigation equipment via GPS.

Navigation is done through a real Roadbook multiswitch and with the help of a tablet designed for Adventure rides and less demanding Roadbook events.

Where to buy

Adventure Rally Navigation Bundle can be purchased on the webshop of our main sponsor – RALLYABLE.

Level 4


RALLY RAID Navigation Bundle:

  • RB850 Rally – Electric Roadbook Holder
  • ICO002 – ICO Racing Rallye MAX-G™
  • H3D Support bracket
  • RMS Navigation Clamps
  • Rallye Power Box
  • RB712 – 12mm clamps set
  • Rallyable Multiswtich



For more serious pilots seeking reliability and durability in Roadbook navigation equipment. Navigation is done using a paper Roadbook, which is the international standard in all Rally organizations worldwide.

Where to buy

Rally Raid Navigation Bundle can be purchased on the webshop of our main sponsor – RALLYABLE
Link: RALLYABLE Rally Raid NAV Bundle

*The RallyMoto application will be distributed by the organizers to all participants on the day of Zagreb Rally.

*Svi sudionici će dobiti i .gpx track (GPS) koji možete koristi kao pomoć u navigaciji kada zapnete sa Roadbookom.


Roadbook navigation isn’t as daunting as it seems! All you need is a little time on YouTube and 10-15 kilometers of riding with a Roadbook to grasp the basics of Roadbook navigation. Trust us – once you learn to drive with a Roadbook, everything else will seem less exciting.

On the day of Zagreb Rally, a short Roadbook Navigation education session will be organized at the camp. However, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Roadbook navigation before the event itself so that you’re ready to hit the track and complete your first rally without major issues.

Here are some recommended learning materials:

  • Dinaric Rally Roadbook Explained: [Link]
  • Rally Riding Bible: [Link]
  • Roadbook setup video: [Link]
  • PlayStation game Dakar Desert Rally: [Link]